How do you correct presbyopia ?

A question that we did not even ask 20 years ago, as glasses were the only option and something that everyone will have to wear from a certain age. Contact lenses have since arrived but are only suitable for 3% of presbyopia cases. The present day surgical techniques:
- Laser correction by « lasik » from 40 years old
- Intraocular lens implants from 55 years old

Contact lenses

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They are not as popular in France where less than 3% of presbyopic patients wear lenses.

This is in contrast to America where this method is favoured.

This solution has a fairly lengthy trial period and must be overseen by contactologists, opticians or opthamologists.


- Anyone can try them.


- The adaption phase taken to find the ideal correction with your contactologist as the brain must work hard to adjust.

- You must also be patient to manage the little hazards that can arise (loss of lenses, dust, irritation….)

- Rigorous hygiene is also fundemental to avoid irritation or infection of the eyes. Despite motivation, certain patients have difficulties or are even incapable of putting in their lenses, others find it difficult to wear them for sustained periods of time due to ocular dryness.

- The quality of vision can often be insufficient, notably for prolonged work at a computer screen.

- Despite the progress made in treating presbyopia, good correction using lenses is still difficult to find.